Has your baby ever peed all over his or her clothes

while you were changing the little one’s diaper? Has your baby ever touched or grabbed the soiled area creating an even bigger mess? Or have you needed to change your baby while on the go, in a cramped space or in a public restroom and wished there was a simple solution to keep your little one’s hands from exploring?

Anyone who has cared for a baby knows how frustrating and messy a diaper change can be. Struggling to hold the baby’s feet and arms in one hand and a diaper in the other, all while trying to avoid an accident, is no easy task! Baby Bubadoo was developed by a Pharmacist Mom to overcome these issues. Baby Bubadoo’s durable fabric and water-resistant design take the aggravation out of changing diapers, keeping both parents and baby happy!

The Changing Wrap Features & Benefits:

  • Water-resistant fabric protects clothing from accidents
  • Secures arms and keeps little hands clean
  • Saves time by reducing frequent clothing changes
  • 100% cotton liner, adjustable fit and machine washable
  • Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates
  • Designed by a Pharmacist Mom
  • A percentage of product sales will go to Feed The Children
Baby in Changing Wrap

Available in the following colors:

Aqua Blue Changing Wrap Petal Pink Changing Wrap Grass Green Changing Wrap

Aqua Blue

Petal Pink

Green Grass

Available in the following sizes:

Small 5 - 10 lbs
Medium 11 - 18 lbs
Large 19 - 24 lbs
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